To the Class of 2013…


One of the famous sayings of our former school president was, “Do NOTHING between now and the end of school that will jeopardize your graduation or break your mother’s heart.” It was told to the students time and time again (mostly during the spring semester). By the students entered their senior year, these words were ingrained in their heads and he would only have to start the saying and they could recite the rest by heart.

A few small words, but a big life lesson. This man knew that although he had influence over these young people, the way to their hearts was to (literally) bring the words home.

Unfortunately, he passed away from cancer last year. Yet, in his absence, I have found myself restating these words to those seniors crossing my path. The Class of 2013 knows these words well, and knows that they ring true not only within our school walls, but within life as well.

What’s a piece of advice you would give to those graduating this year?


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