Mind Is What Matters

Last night, I went to my regular Zumba class to find that the instructor was out & we had a sub. I don’t normally appreciate substitute teachers, especially in my exercise classes. I like knowing what to expect, and the temperament and cues from my ‘normals.’

However, I had this sub before and knew (somewhat) what to expect. I accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be getting my high cardio but instead, more ab work. Once I got that in my head, I was golden. I focused more on my abs and arms and ended up having a productive class.

When things don’t turn out as planned, it’s easy to get down on yourself. Easy to make excuses. Easy to give up. But even just a small change in the way you look at things can make all the difference.

I went from feeling frustrated, upset, and ready to leave to feeling good, happy, and thankful. Amazing what such a small shift can do!

Go out and kick some butt today!

as always, click for source

as always, click for source


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