My Thoughts on Group Runs

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Last night, I had my final session of training for the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K. The training was provided by Charm City Run, and I couldn’t recommend their store(s) or their staff enough.

Initially, I was wary of doing group runs and so many questions ran through my head – how does it work? What if I’m the slowest one? What if I utterly fail and can’t complete the run as designed?

And then I let them go and simply went with the flow. My first run, as I wrote, was decent. The runs I’ve done by myself, also not too shabby. When I ran with the group, I put myself at the front and generally stayed there. (Note: I participated as a Beginner Runner.) I had some issues along the way, but found myself really looking forward to my Tuesday night group runs. The speakers they bring in are knowledgeable and the information they offer, even if you know it or have heard it before, is valuable. The runs themselves are fun, challenging, and fuel my competitive side. The coaches are extremely supportive, enthusiastic and available to answer any question you may have.

Would I do it again? Definitely. I liked having a specific training plan and a day that I absolutely had to make time to run. Plus, the group atmosphere was ideal for a nervous beginner like me. The training session I participated in had four levels: Beginner Walker, Intermediate Walker, Beginner Runner and Intermediate Runner so there was a group for every comfort level. Training like this does cost money, but I found that it was totally worth the $25. (Side note: training varies in cost, depending on the program.)

If you’re interested in meeting new people, being active, and challenging your exercise level, check out CCR’s new training website and sign up today!


4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Group Runs

    • Thanks! Training was run through the Clarksville store, but met at Centennial Park. LOVE running around the lake; shaded, a bit cool, and lots of other runners!

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