The Best Laid Plans…

The past few days have been…interesting (to say the least).

After a quick run on Thursday night, I returned home to no cable and no internet. There wasn’t an outage in the area, just the landscapers cutting our ghetto-rigged connection. (Thanks, Comcast.) We had to wait until yesterday to get it fixed.

We were all set to close on our house on Friday, but again – no go. Our mortgage person called us on Thursday saying that the state is backed up and we’ll have to wait until this week to close. Silver lining? We still had our walk-through on Friday morning.

We arrive at the walk-through and the current owner informs us that since things have been pushed back, she cannot move into her new residence until next Sunday. Our movers were scheduled for Saturday. Obviously, not going to work. Thank goodness the movers were flexible and we weren’t scheduled to move out of our current place until July 5th.

WHEW! Now that we’ve gathered ourselves, I’m hoping to catch y’all up on some fun stuff that’s been happening – we’ve had a birthday, a wedding, and I ran my first 5K in three years this morning. Stay tuned 🙂

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