His and Hers: On Moving

Our house is a disaster zone. There are boxes everywhere – half of our stuff inside them, half still on shelves/in closets/strewn about randomly. It’s organized chaos but chaos nonetheless.

what do you mean we can't play fetch amid all these boxes?

what do you mean we can’t play fetch amid all these boxes?

The JA and I pack very differently. He’s very meticulous, marking everything and putting it in a designated space. I, on the other hand, pack things by room, then by need. I go through items only when I feel we need to get rid of a few.

That being said, this is the scene after I come home from the gym last night:

Her: Hey, babe. You look…guilty. Did you repack everything?
Him: No…but I do have something to show you.
Her: I don’t like the sound of this.
Him: Just come with me.
[The couple make their way through multitude of boxes to the basement.]
Him: I set up this staging area. This side is stuff for the movers. This side is stuff for us to take. The middle is stuff that to make decisions on, and the closet is where all of our donation stuff will go.
Her: So, you’re telling me I have to move everything I already packed from upstairs to downstairs.
Him: But it will be organized and out of the way!

the 'organized' basement

the ‘organized’ basement

Le sigh. With our schedules being so hectic this week and next, we made the decision to hire professional movers. This is our first time doing so, which causes a bit of extra stress. I want to take certain things over ourselves, but want everything else packed up and clearly marked so we’re not moving things from room to room once we get into the house.

We did our walk through last week, took some measurements, and figured out where we wanted our furniture. It’s a lot to do, but we’re making it through. Only a few more days!


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