Life Lessons from a Two-Year Old

Two weekends ago, I drove up to PA to visit a very special friend of mine…my godson. He just had his second birthday and we went up to celebrate with him and his family.

Although he is very young, that boy is quite smart. Say what you want about the future generations, as children they have a lot to teach us. For example, here are a few life lessons that we seem to forget as we ‘grow up.’

1. Indulge every once and a while. Who doesn’t love sweets now and again?
B 2nd bday cupcake

2. Live every day to the fullest. This little boy has so much energy; it’s hard for me to keep up! He plays, he naps, he plays some more…it’s tiring being two! But seriously. He goes all out and, from what his mother tells me, crashes every night from sheer exhaustion. Wouldn’t it be nice to pass out from sheer exhaustion because you spent all day doing something you love? What are you waiting for? Go do it!

3. Forgive and forget. Someone else took something of yours? You have a few options: a.) cry a bit then move on, b.) go grab it and take it back, or c.) be the bigger person and go play with them. Adults, take note. Being petty is NOT the way to go.

this little boy is in a truck phase!

this little boy is in a truck phase!

4. Love openly. Little kid hugs, kisses and waves are possibly the cutest things in the entire world. They are given freely, on command, but are best when they appear unexpectedly. Some things don’t change as you age. Lovin’ is nice to see at any age 🙂

What have you learned this week? I learned that packing with someone else is drastically different than packing by yourself. One thing that stays the same? Wine always helps.


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