Peachy Keen

During the summer, I love peaches. The JA and I have differing opinions on how ripe they should be. He likes them not ripe at all, and places them in the refrigerator as soon as we get home. I let them ripen for a few days, then put them in the fridge for safekeeping.

Needless to say, we normally have a few lying around. Here’s how we’ve used them lately:

Grilled Peaches and Ice Cream (recipe via my love, The Pioneer Woman)
We didn’t have pecans on hand, but subbed sliced walnut pieces. Still delicious.
grilled peaches and ice cream

Citrus Smoothie
I made this concoction for breakfast today. Great way to use peaches that are past their prime or bruised!
citrus smoothie

Blend together:
1 peach, sliced into small pieces
Handful blueberries
1/2 c. orange juice
1/3 frozen banana
1 tsp. mix of chia and flaxseed
1/4 c. protein powder

I’d love to try this with some pineapple and mango, but didn’t have any on hand. Oh well. Next time!

Are you picky about your fruit? There’s a fine window for me with a lot of food – bananas, peaches and strawberries have to be just right for me to fully enjoy them!

Puppy Progress

Last week, we talked about how Watson was escaping from his crate.

Since that time, we added a lock and Houdini’s been kept at bay. However, it’s not a great fix. He’s still trying to escape and hurting his muzzle in the process. It pains me to see him so anxious and jacked up.

I know, bud. It makes me sad, too.

I know, bud. It makes me sad, too.

So we did what all first-time puppy parents do: called the vet. (Side note: We LOVE our vet & the entire practice. They know Watson by name and are always so kind & helpful over the phone.) Our vet recommended pheromone therapy as well as a few other tactics to re-introduce Watson to his crate and make it a ‘happy place.’ He now has a special collar, a spray for his crate and a Glade-like diffuser. All of these items release pheromones similar to those release by a momma dog after birth – hopefully making the dog feel more comfortable.

puppy pheromone

We thought it was a bit excessive (in both measure and cost), but it’s working! He’s visibly more relaxed, his muzzle is healing and although he still doesn’t love his crate, he’s learning to accept it in its new place in our home.

But never fear, his Houdini-ish ways are still in full force. We found him digging a hole near the fence in the corner of our backyard. Sneaky puppy!

A Nice Reminder

Let’s dive into a weekend workout recap, shall we? I logged 4 long miles this weekend. It was abysmal – I woke up later than I wanted, the weather was hotter than I expected, and the JA made bacon with his breakfast. (Note to self: Never let your husband make an enticing breakfast before you complete your workout.)

Needless to say, I was discouraged. I was unhappy, unmotivated and it put a damper on my mood the whole day. Fast forward to Sunday, and I had a great morning yoga practice due to the Waterfront Wellness series. Baltimore residents, go. I doubt you’ll regret it. Stretching things out made me feel much better, and I was up bright and early this morning for another go-round with running.

It rocked. I don’t know whether it was yoga, the cooler temps, or simply the fact that my body had a chance to rest, but something clicked. I had a 3-miler scheduled and ended up doing 3.6. Probably could have even gone for 4, but I needed to get to work by 8 a.m.

one happy (and sweaty) runner

one happy runner

I feel refreshed and re-energized. I was reminded why I like running so much, and for that I am truly thankful.

How do you get out of an exercise funk? Wait it out? Try something new?

It’s Magic!

When what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a bottle of Bombay, to which I hold dear.

Ok, so that’s not how it goes. But it felt like Christmas in our house this evening! Since the weather was oh so perfect today, the JA and I ate dinner outside. During our meal, I noticed a brown paper bag underneath the steps on our porch. I dismissed it, thinking it was a remnant of a gathering we had last weekend. As we were cleaning up, the JA sees it and proceeds to pick it up. It’s heavy. It’s…a bottle of Bombay Sapphire.


There was no note, and I’m kind of creeped out that someone was at our house & was able to so easily place this in such proximity to our residence.

BUT I’m not going to complain. Booze fairy, whoever you are, keep it comin’ 🙂

Baltimore Blogger ‘Blind Date’

In reality it was a meet-up, but my Baltimore Healthy Blogger Meet-up felt eerily similar to a blind date. Let me explain:

When Jenny emailed me asking if I wanted to be a part of a Baltimore Healthy Blogger meet-up, I was a bit nervous. #1 – I don’t consider myself a healthy living blogger. I see myself more as lifestyle blogger who is trying to be healthy. Yet, with my newfound running hobby (in addition to my Barre Fusion addiction and affinity for BodyPump) I thought I’d give it a shot. #2 – I feel like I can be loud, have a tendency to talk a lot, and be a bit awkward.

I entered The Rowhouse Grille Monday evening with butterflies in my stomach & a husband at home who said he’d be my out if I needed one. I honestly felt like I was going on a semi-blind date. I had read the blogs of some people there, but it was my first time meeting everyone in real life.

I took a deep breath, made my way upstairs, and met a group of fun, energetic, lovely young ladies who I feel will inspire me (and you) to try new things more often.

From back left: Kerry, me (obv), Megan, Dani, Kait Front left: Brittany, Kate, Caitlyn, Lauren

From back left: Kerry, me (obv), Megan, Dani, Kait
Front left: Brittany, Kate, Caitlyn, Lauren

Let’s meet them, shall we?

Kerry – The Adventures of Z & K
Megan – Outlaw on the Run
Dani – DaHartAttack
Kait – Making A Run for It
Brittany – Barr and Table
Kate – Sunshine and the Bear
Caitlyn – City and the Cubicle
Lauren – Breathe Deeply and Smile

Others that were invited by couldn’t make it:
Coco – Hot Coco(a)
Colleen – Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill
Jami – Fit Jams
Jenny – Love, Eat, Run
Kaitlyn – Simply Complicated
Katie – Skinny Minnie Moves
Kat – The Road I’m Running
Laura – Hell On Heels
Mary – Azn Starlette

A pretty good group, if I do say so myself! Many thanks to: Caitlyn for organizing the event, Kate for the photo, and the Rowhouse Grille for providing an intimate space for us to meet. (We had the second floor and a group of bartenders all to ourselves.) Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot more of these lovely ladies as we all grow closer and explore the world of healthy living in Baltimore!

Ever been to a meet-up? If so, please tell me you can understand my blind date analogy…

The Great Escape

Look at this face…angelic, right?

pup py portrait

Not always the case.

For a few months now, we’ve been padlocking Watson in his crate while we are out of the house. Seems a bit extreme, I know, but just closing and ‘locking’ the existing doors doesn’t hold him. He would get anxious, use his snout, and hurt himself in order to free himself. After he escaped, well…he was less than receptive to being closed into the laundry room. So we tried keeping him out and enclosed in a space with baby gates. Yeah, that didn’t work too well, either. (See: the camera chewing incident. We don’t ever want a repeat of that ever again.) The easiest thing to do is place him in his crate with a beef marrow bone – he gets to chew something acceptable and stays in his crate…or so it had been for the past few months. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thanks, W. We didn't need that door or anything.

Thanks, W. We didn’t need that door or anything.

We moved into our new home a couple of weeks ago, and have continued to place Watson in his locked crate in the basement. Sunday afternoon, after returning home from running errands, he had gotten out and just chillin’ on the couch. We went downstairs to see how he made his way out of the crate…and all three locks were still intact and locked. We laughed. I mean, you can’t be mad at a dog with that sort of ingenuity!

Sunday night, I bought a FOURTH lock and placed it on the door we thought he used as an escape hatch. Ha! Watson loves a good challenge; he was out again when the JA got home from work yesterday! Again, everything was in place and still locked.

We are perplexed. Lock number five went on the crate this morning (to balance the other side of where lock #4 is located) and in case that doesn’t work, we’ve placed an extra-tall gate up in the kitchen/den area. I feel like a bad puppy parent, but in order to keep our home in semi-decent condition, sometimes it’s required that you be the bad guy until everyone adjusts.

Do you have any tales of a great escape?Any other suggestions for keeping a creative pup in his place?

The Wait Is Over

Yes, today’s title could apply to Royal Baby Watch. However, it also applies to Just Call Me Janks! The new design/layout is live, and I hope you all like it. It’s clean, simple, and (in my mind) a little less cluttered. I also added in a new category – Race Recaps. This way, I’m accountable for my new hobby and you have an easy way to stay updated.

Now, back to the wait for the newest member of the British royal family…