Running in the Rain

After my mystery excursion last night (a sneak peek can be seen on my Instagram and Facebook pages), I’ll admit I was a bit perturbed when my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning.

But my 10K training plan says today is 2 mi + strength, so I rallied. Got up, hydrated, stretched, and made my way out the door…only to find a steady stream of rain. Gross. I’m a newbie runner and have zero rain gear. Now was not exactly the time to bust out my heavier raincoat and overheat just so I could get my mileage in. I already had plans for Barre Fusion tonight, so I scrapped the idea for a morning run and traded it for an outdoor run after work or on the treadmill right before class. Not the ideal situation, but with a neighborhood whose streets are more easily runnable than its sidewalks, I opted for safety. A darker morning + rain + running in the street didn’t seem like the most prudent of options.

I sat down and typed this post, writing “I know that it’s easy to find excuses, and maybe that’s what I’m doing.” Funny how saying (or typing) things can reveal our true feelings. I WAS making excuses. By the time 6:30 rolled around, I made up my mind. It was light enough that I felt comfortable; I was running this morning – rain or not. I changed back into my gear and headed out the door. The rain had stopped. I completed my 2 miles at a decent pace, and finished feeling productive and happy.

post run 7-11

I lucked out, but still want advice – what are some good tips for running in the rain?


4 thoughts on “Running in the Rain

    • Thanks! I can do a mist, but running in a steady stream of rain seems downright miserable. As I said, I lucked out in that the rain stopped, but know I can’t avoid it forever!

  1. This time of year all you really need is a hat to keep the rain off your face. There’s not much difference between getting wet from rain or from sweat. I bet you’ll actually like it — it helps keep you cool.

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