Five Gift Ideas for A New Homeowner

Since buying our home a few weeks ago, we’ve gotten some lovely housewarming gifts. I thought I’d share a few with you that would make any new homeowner happy to be your friend!

1. Something that displays hometown pride. Whether it be a piece of artwork, a towel, or a magnet for the fridge, you can rarely go wrong by giving a gift that reminds someone of their hometown. One of my close girlfriends came over bearing a gift of a crab-shaped cookie cutter and a platter that showcases important places in Baltimore. I squealed with delight! I mean, how cute and unique are these?

crab cookie cutter

Bmore platter

2. Address labels. Our friend Celia sent these to us via the mail. While we don’t send much via postal mail anymore, our new address labels are our first as a married couple. Add to it the fact that she put one of our wedding photos on there, and it was love at first sight.

3. Things for the kitchen. While this was a wedding gift for us, it also serve as a housewarming gift. This bad boy has things we never thought we’d need, but has come in handy more than once when we misread a recipe!

spice rack

4. Gift cards. Not a very romantic or original gift, but I don’t know a new homeowner who hasn’t made a single trip to a store similar to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Home Goods or Target. Even a gift card to a local grocer or a restaurant could help out. Hello? Decorating is not cheap, and everyone needs to eat.

5. Flowers. Flowers brighten up any space, make it smell good and helps the owners forget that there are still a ton of boxes to unpack.

bridal bouquet

What’s the best gift you received upon moving into a new space?

5 thoughts on “Five Gift Ideas for A New Homeowner

    • Thanks! The platter is one of our favorite pieces. I also play it safe when it comes to gift giving & thought these items were too good not to share 🙂

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