Puppy Progress

Last week, we talked about how Watson was escaping from his crate.

Since that time, we added a lock and Houdini’s been kept at bay. However, it’s not a great fix. He’s still trying to escape and hurting his muzzle in the process. It pains me to see him so anxious and jacked up.

I know, bud. It makes me sad, too.

I know, bud. It makes me sad, too.

So we did what all first-time puppy parents do: called the vet. (Side note: We LOVE our vet & the entire practice. They know Watson by name and are always so kind & helpful over the phone.) Our vet recommended pheromone therapy as well as a few other tactics to re-introduce Watson to his crate and make it a ‘happy place.’ He now has a special collar, a spray for his crate and a Glade-like diffuser. All of these items release pheromones similar to those release by a momma dog after birth – hopefully making the dog feel more comfortable.

puppy pheromone

We thought it was a bit excessive (in both measure and cost), but it’s working! He’s visibly more relaxed, his muzzle is healing and although he still doesn’t love his crate, he’s learning to accept it in its new place in our home.

But never fear, his Houdini-ish ways are still in full force. We found him digging a hole near the fence in the corner of our backyard. Sneaky puppy!


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