Peachy Keen

During the summer, I love peaches. The JA and I have differing opinions on how ripe they should be. He likes them not ripe at all, and places them in the refrigerator as soon as we get home. I let them ripen for a few days, then put them in the fridge for safekeeping.

Needless to say, we normally have a few lying around. Here’s how we’ve used them lately:

Grilled Peaches and Ice Cream (recipe via my love, The Pioneer Woman)
We didn’t have pecans on hand, but subbed sliced walnut pieces. Still delicious.
grilled peaches and ice cream

Citrus Smoothie
I made this concoction for breakfast today. Great way to use peaches that are past their prime or bruised!
citrus smoothie

Blend together:
1 peach, sliced into small pieces
Handful blueberries
1/2 c. orange juice
1/3 frozen banana
1 tsp. mix of chia and flaxseed
1/4 c. protein powder

I’d love to try this with some pineapple and mango, but didn’t have any on hand. Oh well. Next time!

Are you picky about your fruit? There’s a fine window for me with a lot of food – bananas, peaches and strawberries have to be just right for me to fully enjoy them!


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