‘Easy’ Miles

Truth: I’m not a big fan of when runners say, “I did X easy miles today.” Why? Because in my mind it’s ambiguous. How was it easy? Did you slow your pace? Was the terrain flatter than normal? Did everything click and you felt awesome the entire time? Inquiring minds need to know! Explain yourself!

The weather in Baltimore has been GORGEOUS (think 70s – 80s) and it’s certainly inspiring. The JA got on board and reached a personal goal of completing a 4 mile run last week! With cooler temperatures, the miles seem to go faster than if it were typical hot, humid, sticky Baltimore-in-August weather. But it’s hard for me to call a run ‘easy.’ It seems to cheapen it in some way unless you qualify it. Blame my logical, careful-word-choosing mind.

Take this morning, for example. My 5:45a alarm went off and, let me tell you, I was NOT pleasant as I rolled out of bed to prep for my run. Yet once I stretched and actually hit the pavement, I was ready to go. As I was making my way around my route, I was able to focus on things other than my run. I thought about how, if you would have told me a few months ago that I’d be waking up to run 3 miles before work, I would have laughed in your face. I would have thought #1 – 3 miles was an eternity (and let’s face it, sometimes it still is) and #2 – I like sleep too much to exercise in the morning.

run 8-5-13

With that in mind, my 3 miles flew by. I even had enough time to add an extra 1/2 mile (with a hill!) Would I call it easy? Maybe, but instead I’ll say this – my legs and mind seemed to click, my music was on point, and the weather was sublime.

How was your weekend? Easy? Difficult? Gone too soon?


5 thoughts on “‘Easy’ Miles

  1. Love how motivated you are with your running now!! And major props on getting the husband on board – that’s not always an easy task!

    And for me, when I say “easy miles” it normally means it was a slower paced run where I wasn’t pushing myself with intervals or certain time goals – just let my legs lead the way and find a comfortable pace! More so a recovery run I guess I could call it.

    • Thanks! The JA was the one who wanted to start running first, I just jumped ahead because he was stubborn & wouldn’t get the right shoes for a few months!

      And recovery run sounds much more tangible than ‘easy’. I appreciate you giving your definition – helps give context when reading your posts about running 🙂

  2. I need an easy run. In florida it’s Africa hot, so I wait for fall! Today…my map my run wasn’t working and it jammed me up…so I turned it off (gasp!) and just ran …walked …skipped…took a bridge and enjoyed for once not wondering if I could do it! Good for you!

    • Hahah. I like that term, ‘Africa hot.’ I guess in Baltimore we have rainforest humid 😛 Sounds like you had a great run today despite the hiccup. I find that sometimes it’s good to just let go and let the run/skip/jump take you on an adventure!

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