Those Summer Nights

It’s been a busy few days up in here. Wednesday night, I hosted Book Club (we discussed The Light Between Oceans), and yesterday Nettifred came to visit.

She made the trip up to see one of her favorite men – Justin Timberlake. The Legends of the Summer tour came to Baltimore and I knew tickets would be the perfect birthday present for her (not to mention it would be an excuse for some quality girl time!).


With her living so far away, I’m learning to cherish our visits. Even if we’re just sitting around, there’s something comforting about being around family. Added bonus? With every visit, we end up with a few pics like this one:


We parted ways this morning, but it wasn’t as bittersweet as usual; she’ll be back in Baltimore next weekend!

Going to any fun concerts this summer? If we didn’t get tickets to Justin/Jay-Z, Keith Urban was also playing last night. Too bad we couldn’t manage both!


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