Work Out or Wipe Out

Travel Exercise Tips

Eating out, happy hours, and not sleeping well can serve as some of the excuses to not exercise when you’re away from home. It’s easier to procrastinate and fall off track with your exercise goals when you’re not in a set routine, so I thought I’d share some tips I used to keep from wiping out while we were away.

1. Pack ample gear. It may sound silly, but I’m serious. Even if you’re working out inside, make sure you have enough stuff to not only reach, but supersede your goal. I packed enough clothes to give me options for any (reasonable) weather. Sure, it may have taken up valuable space, but not only was I prepared, I was also reminded of my goal every time I went into my luggage.

2. Voice your goals. We arrived at our destination in the evening & I had already set a goal to run the next morning. As the rest of our group arrived and we started celebrating, I mentioned my plan to run to multiple other guests. One gal even offered to join me!

3. Be realistic & flexible. Let’s face it. If you’re on vacation, build in some time to relax – you deserve it! If you’re on a business trip, try to take some time & enjoy your destination! Don’t set a plan that stretches you too thin. Also, be ready to alter your plan to fit the schedule of your group & your mental state. I set out to do 4.5 miles one day and only finished 3. I didn’t have a set course and was running blind – not my smartest move. Yet, in the end, I felt accomplished. I had worked out before most of our friends were awake.

4. Find a buddy. The JA and I proved to be each other’s biggest motivators. We’re both fairly competitive & push the other to do well. It was easy to work out knowing that he had the day before or vice versa. If you don’t have a built-in motivator, try to find someone in your workout space. While on one of my morning runs, I used a gentleman in front of me to keep my pace. It may have given me a stalkerish vibe (oops) but it certainly helped maintain my motivation and made the miles fly by!

What are your tips for working out when away from home?


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