Home Improvement

First off, let’s take a moment to pay homage to the fantastically awesome, totally 90s, crush-inducing TV show after which this post is titled. Tool Time, anyone?

as always, click photo for source

as always, click photo for source

Second, let’s talk about our house. We’ve lived in the space for about a month and had yet to touch anything. We were pleased that there wasn’t anything that needed to be addressed immediately. Yet, it wasn’t exactly feeling like ‘ours’. So we did something about it. When, you ask? Oh, you know, the weekend before school starts. Not the best timing, but it certainly got out butts in gear!

Here’s what we did:
1. Stripped the flowery wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom. (Eesh.)
upstairs bath wallpaper before

upstairs bath wallpaper after

2. Painted the bookcase in the basement. (We’re doing all the trim in Ravens purple – what other color would you expect for our main football-watching space?)
basement bookshelf

3. Chose a color for our dining room. (Yes, it’s currently a vibrant yellow that doesn’t translate well in this photo. No, we did not pick one of the colors shown below.)
DR test colors

I’m loving that we’re putting work into making this house our home. Next steps: paint the rest of the trim downstairs, paint the dining room, and making a few more small changes. Stay tuned as we continue our adventures in DIY home improvements!

Anyone else out there majorly in love with 90s TV? Give a shout out to your favorite show!


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