Stress Management

Oh, hey! Fancy seeing you here.

To be honest, this week kicked my butt. The freshmen arrived for orientation and even though my work hours got longer, I somehow felt there was less time for me to get everything done.

Did I mention we’re also throwing a party this weekend? Including overnight guests? Yeah. Fun times.

When I get stressed, there are a few go-to remedies: work out, eat, drink, get crafty, or burn myself out to the point of exhaustion. A little bit of everything happened this week, making me VERY happy that it’s Friday.

Let’s break it down:

Workouts: Ran twice, planked as shown in the plank challenge, and attended my beloved Barre Fusion class. I’m also including running around campus taking pictures (while in dress clothes). Trust me, it’s challenging to grab photos of events taking place all over campus!

Eats: Not the healthiest week. I took advantage of the free lunch provided by the cafeteria and while it wasn’t exactly BAD, my willpower when it came to cookies and birthday cake wasn’t as strong as I had hoped.

This did not help, either.

This did not help, either.

Drink: Been hydrating with a lot of water, but a cookout and the last Ravens preseason game added a few extra brews to the week.

Crafts: Not exactly ‘crafty’, but the home improvements continue! We did a first coat on our dining room. The color? A deep red (note: the color is much darker when on the wall). Second coat is getting applied tonight – just in time for one of our weekend guests!

DR red paint

Burning Out: I’ve napped after work almost every night this week. I guess it’s a consequence of not using caffeine, and you know what? I’m not sorry. Cat naps are awesome and help me recharge and be more productive.

I have a few posts in the pipeline (ones that I had planned for this week but didn’t get around to writing), so let’s hope next week is a bit more cohesive and a lot less scattered!

How do you respond to stress? Any suggestions to beat the back-to-school blues?


2 thoughts on “Stress Management

  1. Ah I’m a stress eater-it’s unfair how some people eat nothing when they are stressed! I go on runs when I feel like crap and my blog post yesterday describes how I took a step back and refocused myself after feeling the stress and chaos of life. I’m planning some red wine, a bath, and a manicure for this weekend!

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