Starting On the Right Foot

The weekend before school starts is a bittersweet one in our household. There’s anticipation and excitement as well as mourning and moping.

To combat the back-to-school blues, we hosted our first large event in our new home – a crab feast! Crabs are big deal here in MD, but the supply has been very low this year. I was lucky enough to reserve a bushel from Captain Harvey‘s in Reisterstown, and my parents were generous enough to pick them up and bring them to the party. We had about 15 people join us and spent the afternoon/early evening hanging out on the deck while enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather.

crabs summer 2013

I’ve hosted this party on and off for a few years now. In my mind, it’s the perfect end to summer. A gathering of all my friends from high school, college and beyond all in one place. It’s not often anymore that we all get together, so it’s a special occasion for both my friends as well as my parents. My in-laws joined in on the fun this year and by the end of the night, everyone was laughing and cheering as the JA and his mother took on my and one of my friends in a riveting game of corn hole. (They ended up winning.)

The rest of the weekend was low-key. I didn’t exercise a lot, ate poorly, didn’t take enough photos, and drank too much. I saw a lot of good friends and remembered how blessed I am to be surrounded by a fantastic group of people. My good friend from college traveled from Pittsburgh and our ‘third Musketeer’ joined us for brunch and a long hangout on Sunday.

I finished the weekend with a cupcake (because why not?) and an early bedtime. Today is the first day of school and I start the year off on the right foot (literally) with a 5K run. Weather was great, legs were rested and I began the year feeling refreshed!

Forgive me for my shaking running photo. I didn't want to stop, but love watching the sun rise on my early morning runs!

Forgive me for my shaking running photo. I didn’t want to stop, but love watching the sun rise on my early morning runs!

How was your weekend? Did you rest/relax or ramp up for the week? Either way, I hope it was a good one!


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