Champagne & sundae

That’s the only word I can use to describe the past week – chaos. Lots of work, lots of stress, not enough time to rest, sleep, or relax. The project that I’ve been working on launched yesterday afternoon, but we’re still finding and addressing little issues. Never a dull moment!

Here’s a recap of life as I know it:

I’ve been having a bit of issue with my running. While the Back to Football 5K was awesome, I’m having trouble with ‘long’ runs on the weekend. I can’t get to sleep early on Friday night and then Saturday morning is spent sleeping in later than I’d like and not being prepared enough for the heat/dehydration/cramping. Oof. Definitely a newbie and working on things. I’ve got goals that need to be reached, people!

Exercise in general:
I attended my first heated Yogilates class last night. I love the instructor and am always impressed at how tight I actually am once I take the time to stretch. It was warm, wonderful, and a bit more challenging than I was expecting. Definitely going back for another round soon.

Today, I started the 100’s challenge by Jess of The Blonde Ponytail. However, I’m taking it via the approach of Roni from Roni’s Weigh – what I can, when I can. With running, barre, and now heated yoga in the rotation, adding things in could either be awesome or horrible for my body. We’ll see, I guess! I did the plank challenge in August and the squat challenge in July, so why not keep testing myself?!

As I said, it kicked my butt this past week. I’d like an extra day in the weekend so I can actually get something accomplished, please and thank you. Things look like they’re slowing down a bit (comparatively), and we made time last night to celebrate. Champagne and sundaes on a Monday night? Why not?

Favorite way to celebrate a big milestone?Usually, I like to celebrate with a special treat – whether it’s food, a new piece of workout clothing, or an accessory I’ve been ogling depends on the goal I’ve reached!


3 thoughts on “Chaos

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