Fall Frenzy

If I were to believe the multitude of pumpkin spice latte photos littering my Instagram feed, I’d think it was officially fall. Technically, Autumn doesn’t start until Sunday, but it sure feels like fall around here.

The humidity/heat moved out late last week, leaving Baltimore with a cooler weekend. The JA was out for most of the day Saturday, leaving me to my own devices. I got a great run in, cleaned, grocery shopped, made dinner & still had the energy to travel to PA. It was Momma Loosh‘s birthday and I couldn’t miss out on the fun!

LTM Loosh bday 2013

Sunday was the perfect fall day. We woke to a chill in the air and promptly decided a warm breakfast was in order. Although it’s not the healthiest of meals, these guys totally hit the spot.

cinnamon rolls

While he did some more work, I dove down the rabbit hole into full on fall mode – decorations (inside and out) were assembled & placed, football was watched, and the onset of pumpkin baking commenced.

It. was. glorious. Hope your weekend was just as wonderful!

What’s your favorite part about fall?


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