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The running community is amazing. I just recently started running, and I’m continuously impressed with how uplifting, supportive, and encouraging runners are. From beginners to ultra marathoners – it seems like everyone is there to help one another and spread the word about their love of the sport.

One of the ways this is most evident is through the weekly Twitter chat #RunChat. Runners from all over the country join in to talk about their joys/struggles, likes/dislikes and all things running. Founded by David from @RunningBecause and RunningBecauseICan.com and Scott from @iRunnerBlog and iRunnerBlog.com, the pair began the #RunChat community in June 2010 as a way for runners of all levels to connect with each other, to share tips, to get advice and, quite simply, to have fun. Runners of all levels are welcome to take part in #RunChat, which is held at 10 p.m. ET the 1st and 3rd Sunday and at 8 p.m. ET the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month.


Even as a newbie, I feel welcomed & loved. It’s a bit hard to keep up if you’re not used to it, but soon enough you’ll be chiming in to conversations & expressing your opinions with the best of them. You don’t have to participate (honestly, for the first few weeks after I heard about it, I lurked – watching from afar and not putting in my two cents) but I doubt that you’ll regret it if you do.

Chats are often sponsored, and participants have the chance to win prizes. Yet, that’s not the objective and certainly not what keeps people coming back each week. The hashtag can be used at any time during the week – to ask a question, brag about a great run, commiserate about a bad one, promote blog posts about running,…you get the idea.

So if you’re interested in connecting with other runners, I encourage you to get on Twitter and follow Scott or David. If you’re not quite sure if you’re ready to start chatting, RunChat is also on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

Hope to ‘see’ you at the next chat!

This post is part of my Try It Tuesday series. I was in no way compensated for this post – just found something I liked and wanted to spread the word! For other Try It Tuesday posts, click here.


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