Worth Every Minute


As I mentioned in my weekend recap, Saturday was gorgeous here in Baltimore. I got up, pulled on a long-sleeved shirt and capris, stretched, laced up my sneakers, and hit the road. I ran five miles (a personal distance record) and came home feeling accomplished and awesome.

Fast forward to Monday. I get up late, don’t stretch a lot, get some small tasks done before waiting for it to get light outside, and eventually hit the road. I was aiming for three miles, but my knee started bothering me, and I cut it short at two.

Monday afternoon, my knee was still bothering me. I skipped yoga in favor of rest.

Tuesday morning, things were looking up…until I got into work. The pain started soon after tacking the first flight of steps. Thank goodness I work in a school & have a nurse on staff! I quickly got some ibuprofen and an ice pack. Things felt good at the end of the day, and I was contemplating going to Barre Fusion.

My worry got the best of me and I ended up trading BF for a walk with the dog. Good thing, too, because after a 20ish minute walk, the twinging pain was back. Cue more icing and elevation for the remainder of the night.

It sucks. ON our walk, I saw a few people running and wanted to yell ‘Enjoy it!’ to them (in a totally non-sarcastic/envious tone, of course). The pain isn’t constant (as evidenced above), there’s no swelling – all this gives me false hope. I’m optimistic that I’ll be back to my regular running/exercise schedule by the weekend and can’t wait to get back in the game. I have waay too much free time on my hands when taking things slow. Going stir crazy over here!

Any good lower body exercises that won’t stress my knee? I’ve been keeping up with my 100’s challenge (and going easy during those squats), but I don’t want to push things too far!


4 thoughts on “Worth Every Minute

  1. Hey Jess, my knee does this all the time but the foam roller really helps. Since I have been using it daily my knee feels so much better, the only time it hurts now is real long runs. I also wear a small brace around my knee that helps a lot. Might be something worth trying!

    • I’m thinking a brace would be a good investment, and was a bit nervous about using the roller on it. My WebMD diagnosis is runner’s knee, but who knows?! Thanks for advice & great job on completing your first half!

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