Houdini Strikes Again

Let’s play a game called ‘What’s Wrong with This Picture.’


If you answered either a.) there’s no back to that crate, or b.) there’s no dog said crate, you’d be correct.

Our Houdini had wiggled his way to freedom…again. (Read about his first performances here.)

I came home, took a look at the still-locked, busted-door crate and laughed. We speculate that Watson is part Belgian Shepherd (an extremely smart breed used by police for detection/search and rescue), but he’s just showing off by finding ways out of his crate.

I knew our culprit was in the house somewhere, and found him chillin at the top of our steps, with a ‘what’s up, Mom?’ look on his face. Nothing (that we’ve noticed) was damaged, and we’ve got to give him credit for persistence!

w 10-2-13

We’ve reset the hinges & will see how things fare today. Fingers crossed that he behaves because after this, we’re either placing zipties on each corner of the crate or giving him his freedom!


5 thoughts on “Houdini Strikes Again

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