Simple Pleasures

Every Thursday, one of the local country music stations here in Baltimore does a feature called Simple Pleasures. It’s a nice reminder of how the little things in life can greatly contribute to our overall mood.

Here are some of my simple pleasures for the week:

1. Pre-made food. Since we had our party on Sunday, we’ve had leftovers for lunch or dinner a few days this week. Last night, the JA mentioned that he loved how easy it was to make lunch this week. Guess this means we not only need to do meal planning, but more meal prep as well!

2. Matching socks. As the person in charge of laundry in our household, it’s a miracle when all the socks match up. As of now, I only have one left over. Victory!

3. Experimenting in the kitchen. Last night, I amended a recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Still tweaking, so stay tuned for a full recipe sometime soon!
pumpkin  muffins

4. Stretching. As I stated earlier in the month, my goal is to stretch every night before bed. Some days have longer stretches than others, and last night was an epic session. I didn’t have a great run due to tightness in my hips and calves, so I knew I needed to spend time on those areas last night. This morning, I feel like a million bucks – loose, limber and ready to rock!

5. A cuddly pup. Because a post isn’t the same without a photo of this guy. When he curls up like this, the cuteness level increases tenfold!
curled up pup

What’s on your simple pleasure list today?


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