Four for Friday

I had a work event last night and a company retreat this morning, so today’s post is going to be short & sweet. Here are a couple of things I found interesting/fun this week. Enjoy!

1. 28 Dogs Having a Way Worse Day than You. This post via Buzzfeed had the JA and I rolling with laughter.

2. I Ran a Marathon..and Now What? Lauren just ran her first marathon (yay!) and provides some insight on how she’s going to deal with life post-race.

3. Recipes for Fun Halloween Decor. We’ve gone with more of a ‘fall’ theme for home this year (stretching that dollar as much as possible), but I love these ideas from Bower Power. Sigh, a girl can dream.

4. Homemade Yoga Mat Spray. Since I’m going to yoga on a weekly basis, this post from the Fitnessista will come in handy soon.

What’s on tap for the weekend? Any fun links you’d like to share?


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