On Listening to Your Body

I’m not one to stay still for long. I’m a multi-tasker. and I enjoy it.

That being said, for me to take a sick day is a big deal. I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose, an achy body, a scratchy throat, and a want for more sleep. I’m not lying on my deathbed by any means, but I knew I wouldn’t be very productive if I went into the office feeling the way I did. Cue the ‘should I or shouldn’t I call out of work’ conversation in my head. I finally came to the conclusion that missing a day won’t be the end of the world.

I made my calls, sent some emails, and went back to bed for an hour. I feel incredibly better. Plans for the rest of the day include: more naps, warm food, and cuddles with this guy.

'Look into my eyes & repeat after me. I will take you for a walk later, I WILL take you for a walk later..."

‘Look into my eyes & repeat after me. I will take you for a walk later, I WILL take you for a walk later…”

In reality, I’ll probably be itching to do something productive by midday. Laundry, reading, and baking top that list.

The bottom line is: I push myself to do better, because I know I can be better. I push my body to see where it can take me. I push my mind, because knowledge is power. But sometimes, I have to remember that it’s okay to take it easy. To take a sick day even if I’m not REALLY that sick. To take the long view and do what’s better for the long run than for that day.

the long view


3 thoughts on “On Listening to Your Body

  1. I had this exact thought process this morning. I decided to probably take a half day. No fever, not dying, just a sinus infection thingie. Nothing good comes out of pushing yourself and I get sick days at work for a reason 🙂

    • I know, right? It’s harder for me to take a day when I’m just not feeling up to par as opposed to when it’s clear that I should stay home. Rest up and feel better!

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