Friday Five: Food Edition

I have many blogs on my radar, and most of them are healthy living or running related. Yet, there are a few in there that are food-based. And I neglect them. Their post totals add up as I move through the week (sometimes month), and I ogle the goodies while tagging things and never actually baking them.

Here are a few that caught my eye this week:

Whole Wheat Banana Nut Muffins from Baking Bites – If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this pic earlier this week. This is the recipe I was making. I looked it up because these spotty bananas were begging to be used. Made it. Love it.
spotty bananas

Avocado Pasta from Dessert for Two – The JA isn’t sold on avocado yet. Maybe this recipe will turn things around…

photo by Dessert for Two

photo by Dessert for Two

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls from Chocolate Covered Katie – Because when is better than fall for all things pumpkin?pumpkin can

White Chicken Quinoa Chili from How Sweet Eats – Because our apple chili from earlier this week was an utter fail.

photo from How Sweet It Is

photo from How Sweet It Is

And last, but certainly not least – Chocolate Caramel Apple Cookies from Hostess With The Mostess. I made them last year, and they suddenly popped into my head again this morning. Must make again!
choc caramel apple cookies

Obviously, I’m more of a baker than a cooker – which do you prefer?


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