Scenes From A Walk

Walking was never really my thing until we got a dog. I liked taking them as a child, but as a young adult, walking by myself wasn’t something that I enjoyed. Now that Watson’s in the picture, I’m taking a lot more walks and, in doing so, learning to appreciate my surroundings. Here are a few scenes from our walk yesterday:

Shadows – Our evening walks are punctuated by shadows. I love the way W’s legs look sooo long!
shadowy dog

Halloween decorations – one is appropriately scary, one creeps me out as an adult.
halloween house

creepy halloween

The house on the hill – I see a nice house. Watson sees the cats on the porch.
house with cats

This is what made my weekend marvelous. Nothing extraordinary, but taking it easy made my heart happy. It also tuckered the dog out enough that Watson couldn’t make it through our movie last night!
sleepy pup


Are you a walker or a runner? Any scary decorations in your neighborhood?


3 thoughts on “Scenes From A Walk

  1. Jess- I can totally see why that house w/ the devil decoration freaked you out. It seems a bit much too me. I sure hope they don’t have small children. I’d totally be afraid to walk outside if it were me, Ha Ha!

    Happy Monday

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