On Saying ‘Yes’

Two years ago, I (unsuspectingly) went to the top of a tower and was asked a question I couldn’t refuse.

engagement ring
Today, and every day since, I’ve said, ‘yes.’

Yes to learning, changing, and growing as a couple.

Yes to compromise.

marriage work in progress

Yes to finding new quirks about each other and our habits.

Yes to bring part of a duo.

modern married

Yes to being a good set of puppy parents.

Yes to working for our marriage, and making our marriage work for us.

Although we’ve had our down times, they make the ups that much sweeter.

He’s going to laugh at me for saying this, but happy propose-aversary, JA!

JJ & JA engagement ornament

I’m a total sucker for proposal stories. Married/engaged folks, what’s yours?


3 thoughts on “On Saying ‘Yes’

  1. Our 14 year anniversary was yesterday on 11-1 and when he proposed to me he did it while he was cooking dinner for the family and he put my ring in one of those plastic eggs you get from the candy machines at stores. He tossed it to me. Lol. It’s not the “perfect proposal” but he is my perfect man.

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