Weekend of Wow

You guys, this past weekend was fantastic. The perfect balance of activity and laziness. Not to mention the weather was extremely fall-like, and made you want to say ‘wow.’


  • We had a beautiful weather, so I joined a few friends at a local park. Definitely a hit with Watson!
  • I ran a personal distance record of seven miles. My first 2.5 were not ideal – I was tight, my mind wasn’t in it, and the sun was beating down on me more than I could handle. I waited a few hours and went back out to conquer my scheduled 4.5. What a difference a bit of foam rolling, eating, and hydrating will do! I my hips were super sore (as were my ribs), but nothing a few ibuprofen and a good night’s sleep couldn’t cure.
  • 7 mi runday

  • I made a ‘new to me’ stuffed shell recipe. Stuffed shells are a favorite food for us, but I wanted to mix it up a bit. I altered the recipe from Fork Knife Swoon, and everything turned out wonderfully!


  • Another ‘wow’ day in terms of weather – a bit windy and chilly, but great for walking the dog (and recovering from Saturday’s run)!
  • morning walk

  • We didn’t have to be anywhere until noon, and took full advantage by making pancakes and lounging around the house.
  • Sunday breakfast

  • In the afternoon, the JA became a Confirmation sponsor. We are becoming close with this family, and are privileged to share this special occasion with them.

boy's confirmation gift


PSST – I’m also nominated for The Baltimore Sun‘s Mobbies Awards for Best Personal Blog. Check it out here and, if you feel so inclined, vote for me! Voting goes now through Nov. 14th.

How was your weekend? Any big accomplishments? Relaxing activities? Let’s keep the good vibes going!


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