Gratitude & Grit

We’re a few days into November and, therefore, time to reveal my challenges for the month.

Challenge #1: Gratitude. In this month of Thanksgiving, many are posting their thanks on Facebook, writing a gratitude journal, or performing another similar activity. My challenge is to write a ‘thank you’ note per day to people for who I am grateful. Ideally, it’s a handwritten note, but in a pinch Facebook messaging & email will work as well.

as always, click image for source

as always, click image for source

Challenge #2: Grit. Time to buckle down and see how committed I am to running. It is COLD outside. Which is why I announced by goal to run/walk 100 miles for Monica of Run Eat Repeat‘s Pile on the Miles challenge. This challenge is made harder when considering that we’re taking a trip later this month, but with some planning, I know I can do it.

POTM 2013

How are you challenging yourself this month?


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