Join Me for Tea

I know I left you hanging. Yesterday ended up being one of those days when nothing specific goes wrong, but it’s just a long day from the start. Pull up a chair, join me for tea & I’ll catch you up on what’s happening in my corner of the world.

Today's tea: Eggnogg'n - one of the bags I received from the #HLBTea Swap!

Today’s tea: Eggnogg’n – one of the bags I received from the #HLBTea Swap!

1. My first (small) portion of teaching Barre Fusion went…okay. I can do better. But I could have done worse. Tonight I’m doing some legs & abs. I’m feeling a bit more confident, but still not sure how things are going to go once I’m on my own. I see a lot of practice in my future.

2. I tried a new pair of running shoes yesterday. I was nervous. (Seems to be a theme this week, huh?) I LOVE my Nike Zoom Elites. They have the cushion I need and were breezy enough for the summer. I went to a local running store and they fit me for custom insoles as well as a pair of Brooks Ghost 6s. I was preparing myself for a slower run, but I felt so good that I busted that sucker out in no time! While I’m still not 100% sold on the insoles, I might try them out in my Nikes to see if they can help extend their already long life.

Brooks run

3. This holiday season is kind of overwhelming. I forgot how many social engagements there are to keep straight. Google Calendar, thank you for helping keep me sane.

4. Annual holiday traditions. For the past hour or so years, my ex-roommate and I get together for a viewing of Love Actually. We hung out last night& both agreed that now it truly feels like the holiday season.

love actually

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Runners – any pressing need for custom insoles or can I skip them next time around?


One thought on “Join Me for Tea

  1. Custom insoles are a must – have for me. I go for the Footrunner brand which are molded to your feet. The arch support is amazing. Several years ago I was plagued with sore heels when I ran. I did not have plantar faciitis but I sure had all of the symptoms of it. Off the shelf insoles did not solve the problem but the the custom insoles solved it completely (now I have other ailments, but I am a lot older than you!). Personally I think what you need has a lot to do with how you run and how long you run. My advice would be to listen to your body as it will point out your weak spots.

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