Join Me for Tea

I’m a slacker today, and not even drinking tea, so forgive me for the old(er) image. Here’s what’s going on in my life (in no particular order). Time to sit down and spill.

Join Me for Tea

1. I’m teaching my first full Barre Fusion class tonight. Pray for me. I feel like I’m ready and have grown my confidence by co-teaching, but this one will be all me. Gulp.

2. Storage. My iPhone has not been able to back up because of all the photos on it. I’ve begun the process of deleting them, but I took them for a reason! Sentimental value wins over storage space..for now. Heaven help me during the next week.

3. Nettifred! I can’t believe Christmas is next week, and with that, sister time! She arrives on Saturday and I am so excited to hang out with her, her boyfriend, and their pup. If you want to follow the adventures, follow me on Instagram. Sorry I’m not sorry for all the puppy cousin photos.

4. NYC. The JA and I planned a trip to NYC on Sunday and Monday. We try to go up every year and this year is made more special because one of his best men moved up a year or so ago. Best bud reunion, shopping, and the Rockefeller tree? If this doesn’t get me into the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what will.

Anyone else have problems with deleting pictures from their phone? What helps you get into the holiday spirit? Suggestions for keeping puppy cousins from destroying homes? Let’s chat.


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