One Word for 2014

I’ve been doing monthly challenges for a few months now (here are November and December‘s) and really enjoyed them. They give me a focus and play into larger goals for the year. But I often find that when I make goals, small or large, that they get forgotten, pushed aside, or lost throughout the year.

So in 2014, I’m not making resolutions or even holding myself accountable for a list of goals. I was looking for a way to articulate this when I came across this post on Olive to Run, opening my eyes to My One Word and revealing her word for the year. I took a few days to let the idea swirl in my head, and then saw today that Katrina had picked a word, too and finally committed to follow these ladies and do the same.

Without further ado, my word for 2014 is:

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I want to BE a better runner, so I will set small (and some big) goals to make that happen.
I want to BE a in the moment, and will spend less time on the phone/computer when I’m at home.
I want to BE a more loving wife and daughter, so will aim to host family gatherings more often.
I want to BE more patient, so I will take time to breathe and calm down when I feel myself getting heated.

It may seem a bit scattered, but so am I. This is my vision: I want to BE. Not try. I want to use this year in helping me further realize who I am, who I want to become, and how I want to get there. I don’t want to feel like I HAVE to do things in order to check them of my goal list. I want to be active, but not feel guilty for taking a break every now and again. I want to reassess my priorities, my dreams, my ‘ten years down the road’. I want to find things that feel good, that challenge me, that shape me into a better version of myself – both professionally and personally. I want to do things that are inherent to my person, achieve goals that scare me, and motivate myself to get off my butt and BE the person I want to be instead of wishing, hoping, dreaming, or waiting.

Having BE as my 2014 word also allows me the flexibility to shift focus. Monthy, weekly, or even daily. I can focus on being a better listener, on being more assertive, on being grateful, on being a badass. I’m keeping accountable by logging my daily goal here.

See it. Be it. Believe it.

Let’s do this, 2014. I’m coming for ya.

Are you a goals or resolutions person? How do you hold yourself accountable?


12 thoughts on “One Word for 2014

    • Thanks for blogging about My One Word! It helped give me direction and a bit more focus. Can’t wait to read about how being fearless impacts your life this year ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Great word! I love the whole My One Word concept and am excited for 2014 with one word as my goal. I chose “yes” because I want to say “yes” to as many things as possible and be a more positive person overall.

  2. Great post. I love your word for 2014 and the idea behind it. I chose the word shine. I love this quote: Lighthouses don’t go running all over the island looking for boats to save, they just stand there shining.

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