Love Your Body

Even though I’m living my life this year by one word, I still need things to motivate me along the way.

This month’s challenge was brought to my attention via Tone It Up. Their Love Your Body Series includes a challenge to log 100 miles before Valentines Day. For those looking for an extra challenge, that total can be upped to 150. I did something similar in November with Pile on the Miles and really liked the motivation it gave me to run.

However, with the weather turning colder (and my bed suddenly becoming so much warmer & cozier), I feel like 150 by Vday will be much more difficult. I opted to shoot for the 150 goal and have logged about 18 miles so far. This is a bit behind where I want to be, but it’s helping me vary my workouts. Instead of sticking with my usual staples of running, walking, & barre, I’m now adding in some high intensity interval training (HIIT) work and getting reacquainted with the elliptical machine. (A few apps that have helped me with varying my HIIT workouts are Sworkit and the Skimble workout trainer.)

workouts from yesterday

workouts from yesterday

I’ll be checking in periodically with photos & tweets, and hope to not only meet but exceed that goal by Feb. 14th!

Do you do better setting long-term or short-term goals? I prefer setting short-term goals that help me achieve a long-term goal. Start small, end big!


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