Bad News, Good News

I always like to get the bad news out of the way first, so here goes…

Bad news: Remember yesterday when I said that Watson had to go to the vet for extra testing? Turns out the poor guy has heartworm.

He’s asymptomatic, meaning we would have had no way of knowing that he had them. When he was adopted, his heartworm test was negative and we trusted the organization that it was correct…and it very well could have been at that point. We’ve been giving him monthly prevention pills, but unfortunately, will have to go through a lengthy (and expensive) treatment process. Thank goodness we love our vet, Dr. Lauren Hall of Fulton Animal Hospital. She & her staff love Watson as much as we do – I’m confident that we’ll get through this just fine.

The hardest part will be restricting his exercise. Puppy loves to play & especially once he starts getting shots, we’ll have to make sure he doesn’t get overly excited. Reducing walks, leashing him everywhere, & keeping him contained will be rough. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know he doesn’t do well in crates or even kept in a room by himself.

playing with cousin Tillie at Christmas

playing with cousin Tillie at Christmas

Keep us in your thoughts as we start this process. We’re extremely optimistic that he’ll be just fine, but have a long road ahead of us!

And now for the good news…

Good news: It’s Friday! We also have an adoption day to celebrate this weekend. I can’t believe we’ve already had this guy a year! Tune in on Monday for how we celebrated 🙂

First day home!

First day home!


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