Getting Crafty for Under $20

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and, being on a budget, the JA and I can’t exactly afford to decorate the house for every holiday…yet. We have some heart towels and a lot of red (multi purpose for Christmas and Valentine’s) but nothing for our front room.

So I decided to get crafty and came up with a homemade burlap banner – for under $20.

banner full w text

I bought the supplies at Michael’s – a 24 pack of burlap squares and twine (totaling $12 with tax.) We had the oversized index cards, markers, and tape at home, but I can’t imagine them costing more than $10. (Hence, the $20 total.)

Step 1: Write your message. I used a red sharpie and then accented it with pink highlighter.

banner writing

Step 2: Get it together. I used tape to join the index card and burlap together not only because I want to reuse the burlap, but because my Type A personality could easily correct and crooked or off-centered letters.

banner tape - letters

Step 3: Twine time! I placed the twine on my mantle, measured it out, and taped it in place.

Step 4: Spread the love. Again, I used tape to affix the back of the burlap square to the twine. If you rearrange the squares a bit I would recommend using multiple pieces of tape to keep the lettering in place.

I put it on the floor to better showcase the placement.

I put it on the floor to better showcase the placement.

Volia! A reusable, homemade, burlap banner for under $20.

burlap banner w sig


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