Seated Working Workout

For many of us, working means being seated for the majority of our day with eyes in front of a screen. Not exactly the picture of health, is it? (Truth? It’s killing you.)


Today, I’m determined to move. Even though I have a ton of stuff to do, I devised a quick workout to remind me that being seated doesn’t mean that I have to be sedentary.

I’ve tried it out and all these moves can be done in the comfort of my office without attracting weird looks from co-workers. SCORE!

seated working workout 2

Don’t be afraid to use your desk/table/chair as support – especially with the moves requiring you to use both legs. We want those lower abs to be tight!

If you liked this workout, check out others I’ve created on my Workouts page!

Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer or fitness professional, just a gal who likes to exercise. Consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise routine. If anything hurts (in a bad way), stop. 


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