Walk for a Dog

Last week, I saw a post from one of the local animal shelters here in Baltimore touting the fact that they had received money from WoofTrax – an app that donates to a local shelter for every mile you walk with your dog.

walk for a dog

“What is THIS?!” I practically shouted from my desk. I immediately downloaded the app, and have used it ever since. (Unfortunately, the app is only available for iPhones as of now but don’t fret – an Android app is in the works!)

This is super easy to use. I entered a bit of my contact information, and the app selected a shelter for me. Note: I used an affiliate link, so that might have been why it selected the shelter for me. You can change your preferred shelter at any time. That was it. I started walking and money’s being donated to a local dog shelter.

But what’s the catch? Is this money coming from your bank account? Nope. No catch. The app has sponsors who pay the shelter. All you have to do is walk.

What if I don’t have a dog? No problem! You can still walk in support of a shelter. Once Watson starts undergoing his heartworm treatment & walks become nonexistent, I’m still hoping to use the app to donate.

Watson says, “What are you waiting for? Walk for a Dog!”

W 1-17-14

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4 thoughts on “Walk for a Dog

  1. Any more detail on how it works? Do you have to carry your iphone with you (and it tracks GPS or start/stop time?). I have the Charity Miles app on my iphone, but I never remember to start/stop it! I wish it just linked to my Fitbit. Several other sites (Everymove, Earndit) do, and it’s great to just link/sync and forget about it, but help out with my activity I would be doing any way (I generally donate my “rewards” from these two companies to charity). My blog post today is about Walking with Walgreens, as my steps give me balance rewards with that company (which I selfishly keep for myself).

    • Great questions! I forget that not all people are like me and have their phones on them at every second πŸ˜› It’s similar to Map My Run – you start the app on your phone when you begin your workout and a GPS tracks your miles. It’s in the beginning stages, so I doubt it syncs wirelessly via a Fitbit or other device. I didn’t know about the Walgreens program – I’ll have to check out your post to learn more πŸ™‚

  2. Whoa that is such a good idea!!! I’m definitely going to look that up! I have a dog but she’s a 4.5 pound, long haired chihuahua who hates taking walks so I’ll probably have to take these walks without her πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha. Either way, you’re helping a great cause. (Maybe if she knew it would be benefitting other pups, she could get motivated to do just a liiitle bit of walking πŸ˜‰ )

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