Thinking Out Loud

I came across this series from Running With Spoons recently and thought today would be the perfect time to join in.


Similar to my sporadic Join Me for Tea posts, here’s my brain dump for the week:

– Cold. Relating to both the weather and my health. Tuesday night I came home with a swollen gland and the beginnings of a sore throat. Yesterday, during our day off due to ice, it escalated into a full-blown cold. The JA has it, too. Forgive us for our snotty noses, achy bodies and general crankiness for the next few days.


– Speaking of achy bodies, I printed this bad boy earlier this week. While I haven’t bit the bullet and officially signed up, it’s happening. Giving myself a challenging race will keep me motivated during the remainder of winter. Even with my cold, I pushed myself out the door this morning to get my run in (and allow my legs to recover) before barre tonight. It’s going to be a long road if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Send me good vibes & feel free to chime in with any training tips!

half marathon training plan

– Puppy update. Watson’s doing well with his heartworm treatment. However, his shots start the first week in March and he’s already getting antsy. Things will only get worse as the weather warms up. He’ll be on sedatives for March and April but not fully recovered until November. Poor pupalup will miss out on a whole spring/summer of extreme activity. Pray for us all.

Watson was not impressed with my planking. Shortly after this, he stuffed one of his toys in my face. Gross.

Watson was not impressed with my planking. Shortly after this, he stuffed one of his toys in my face. Gross.

– I need a phone intervention. My iPhone hasn’t been able to back up in 10 weeks because there’s not enough storage. Why? Because I hoard pictures. Any good apps/suggestions on how to keep this under control? And don’t suggest Instagram. That’s part of the problem.

See that 2.5? It needs to be 4.9 (I think) to back up. Whoops.

See that 2.5? It needs to be 4.9 (I think) to back up. Whoops.


14 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Great training plan! I have an android phone that has an SD card but I regularly remove photos once a week now and take ones off that are for blog stuff and leave ones on my phone that I want to save on their. I don’t know how iphone storage works though 😦

  2. I just plug my phone into the computer (not syncing it) and take off the pictures and store them on the computer instead of on my phone. It is hard to get them BACK on the phone, so you don’t want to take anything off you do want access to.

    We use Dropbox for storage – there is an app and pictures can automatically upload and be stored there on the server (then accessed from your phone or computer). I think there is a free account (not sure of the size) and then you pay if you want/need additional space.

    My munchin (the 8-year old) has been home sick for a few days now 😦

  3. I don’t have any suggestions since I have the same problem but I can relate to the slobbery toy issue. My dogs think that stretching, planking, situps and push ups are doggy play time. Nothing like having a dog land on your stomach while you’re doing situps. Thanksfully I have mini dachshunds so it’s not like 50 pounds land on you, it just feels like it.

    • Watson’s about 50ish lbs. He doesn’t jump, but definitely likes to get in on the action when I’m stretching. For some reason, he also likes to lick me right after my run – I’m assuming it’s a sweat issue. Can’t say I don’t like getting kisses, though!

  4. Gah! I’m so horrible with organizing the photos on my phone. I currently have around 1800, and that number is only so low because I had to replace my phone and lost all the pictures on my old one. Fail. But one thing you can do is hook it up to your computer and transfer to pictures onto iPhoto or something. You can also store them on a flash drive if you don’t want them taking up space on your hard drive.

    Happy Thursday! And feel better soon!

    • I’m horrible with it, too (obviously). I have a back up drive as well as space on my computer, but I need a good chunk of time to go through & arrange/delete/organize. There should be an app for this by now… 🙂

  5. I have a problem with storage on my phone too. I have a shutterfly acct and so I upload all my favorite phone photos to their app. Then they are stored on line. I can still access them from the app without storing them in my camera roll too.

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