Friday Five: Not My Birthday Edition

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that the JA had a birthday this week – the big 2-9! He’s not big into celebrating his birthday (which is good, because I usually require at least a few days for mine), but being that he’s so darn special to so many people we had to commemorate the day somehow!

Here are the highlights:

1.  Snow Day – We woke up to school being cancelled due to an ice storm. Back to bed for the birthday boy!

Ice Storm 2-14

2. Food – What’s a birthday without a little indulgence? We went out to lunch with co-workers and then made plans for dinner, a movie, and dessert later on in the evening. It’s all about balance!

3. Presents – With his birthday and Valentine’s day so close together, I kept it a little low key. A funny card, a nerdy tie, a Ravens tumbler and some coffee were all that he needed to make the day special.

His response to the tie: "Oh look, it's all precipitation reactions - how cool!"

His response to the tie: “Oh look, it’s all precipitation reactions – how cool!”

4. Getting carded – Ok, so this isn’t so much for him. I got carded TWICE in about five minutes time – once at the movie theater and once at the bar. That never happens. I felt like a 21 year-old all over again. (Only with a lot more stability in my life.)

5. Special Delivery – The JA has recently started to like veggie burgers as a quick dinner option. I was offered the opportunity to try  Sunshine Burgers, and immediately jumped at the chance. The package arrived on Wednesday and the JA’s eyes lit up with joy when he saw all the new flavors to try. Stay tuned for a full review (and probably a recipe or two)!

I think we're set, bud. No need to go & grab more!

I think we’re set, bud. No need to go & grab more!

Cheers to a great weekend!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate birthdays? A big outing? An evening in? Any birthday traditions? We always get together for a family dinner. Birthday person chooses the menu 🙂


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