Just A Minute

Running is a love/hate relationship even in the best of weather. Add in snow/ice/freezing rain and suddenly getting out of bed and on the road (or worse, the treadmill) presents even more of a challenge.

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I found that interval training is the best option for me when running inside. It keeps my mind active, muscles engaged, and sometimes, just sometimes, makes the miles fly by.

Here’s the workout I did yesterday.

just a minute workout 2

I know this won’t work for everyone, but I think it’s a great template for a beginner who’s not ready to fiddle around a ton on the treadmill. Even for you veterans, there are those days that running and keeping balance isn’t happening so feel free to take it and make it your own! If you do, make sure you check back in and let me know what you think 🙂

If you liked this routine, check out other workouts I’ve created on my Workouts page.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified fitness professional, just a gal who likes to exercise. If any of these moves hurt (in a bad way), please stop and consult a professional.


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