Just Go.

Yesterday felt like an absurdly long day. Even though I slept in, I still completed a full day of work, came home to ‘walk’ Watson, changed, came back to campus to work out, and then staffed an event until 9p. I returned home in a grumpy mood, knowing that a 5:15a alarm was set for this morning.

Before we passed out, the JA and I were incoherently mumbling talking and he said something that stuck with me this morning, “Jess, no matter how bad it is, you’re doing something you love. Training is keeping you AND me sane right now. You’re more happy when you’ve exercised. When you’re happy, I’m happy.”

When that alarm sounded this morning, I groaned. SOOO EARLY for me and on top of that, I have to run? Oof. This is how I envisioned it going.

click image for source

click image for source

Yet, in remembering his words, I got my butt out the door and to the gym. I didn’t get there as early as I wanted, but let those reasons roll off me as I stepped onto the treadmill. I was here. I showed up. Sometimes, that’s enough.

I took it fairly easy – slowing down my pace a bit (I wanted to save my legs for Barre tonight) and tried to call to mind that this might be my pace for the entire half marathon. Which would be fine. I certainly want to push myself, but completing 13.1 is no small feat. I kept thinking, “At least you’re moving.” And I am. I’m moving forward. Moving to my happy place. Moving toward my goal of completing a half-marathon.

just go

How are you moving today? Remember, every step (no matter how small) counts!


5 thoughts on “Just Go.

  1. I struggled to get out and run last night too. I just didn’t have the motivation I needed to run and it was only 5 miles. But I got out there, started slow & kept going. When I was done, I felt so much better. The winter blues have really gotten me down this week and running is the only thing keeping me sane.

  2. I’m going to remember this next time I turn my alarm off and choose extra sleep over a morning run. It’s so much harder to choose to get up, but it’s so much more worth it.

  3. GREAT POST! I have been killing myself with long days at work, post-work Barre3 classes, and training runs for yet another upcoming half marathon, plus I’m trying to plan a cross country move! I’m super stressed but it’s true that I wouldn’t actually want it any other way. In fact, I was just inwardly grumbling about how I have to run tonight and I’m literally so tired I could fall asleep right now, but this inspired me to definitely get my run done!

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