Five Things That Made Me Think

YAY! It’s Friday! I know I say this often, but this truly felt like a really long week. Maybe it’s because of the snow and cold weather. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that with Daylight Savings this weekend (don’t forget to spring forward!), Mother Nature will get the message and send some consistent spring weather our way.

Regardless, being cooped up inside (both due to the weather and our sick pupalup) gave me time to browse them Internets and present a round-up of articles that made me think this week.

 All images link back to their source.

five things thought

What If Everybody Ran Mizuno Running
Thought #1: I wonder how much research was put into making this.
Thought #2: Amazing.
Side note: I’m totally on board with grabbing a victory beer (or meal) with you if we run together 😉

victory beers

Jessica Alba’s Abs – Then and Now by Women’s Health

Thought #1: Dang, girl!
Thought #2: Way to rock it!


This 4-Year-Old Makes Dresses with Her Mom — And They Keep Getting More Amazing by Huffington Post

Thought #1: OMG – how cute and creative! I only hope to be that cool of a parent.
Thought #2: I wonder how they recreated Oscar outfits? (Spoiler alert: they’re awesome.)

fashion by mayhem

10 Minute Baked Banana Bread Doughnut Holes by Sweet C’s Designs

Thought #1: Get in my belly.
Thought #2: Must find a cake pop machine/pan.


The PR Pro’s Guide to Producing, Curating and Creating Amazing Content by prTini

Thought #1: Lots of good stuff in here from Andrew Shipp, social media manager for Go Pro.
Thought #2: Great tips not only for PR pros but bloggers, too!

go pro

What’s got you thinking this week?


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