Warm It Up

First off, who else is getting their butt kicked by Daylight Savings Time?  Getting up ‘on time’ yesterday and today turned out to be quite the rude awakening. Oof. I’m sensing a lot of coffee is to be consumed today.

Now let’s turn out thoughts back to that glorious time we refer to as the weekend. Friday night, we decided to have a proper date night and went to a Sushi Sono, a local restaurant, for dinner. YUM. It had been a while since we ate sushi and this did not disappoint. We were told to arrive before 6p, and were so glad we did. The place filled quickly! We consumed four rolls, debated a fifth, looked at each other, and decided to go for dessert instead. Basically because dessert meant Cheesecake Factory.

sushi sono

It was a bit difficult finding a cheesecake without chocolate (I couldn’t exactly go and break my Lenten promise so early) but the Dutch Apple Caramel Streusel did not disappoint. Negated the fact that I want to decrease my sugar intake, but….whatever. Worth every bite.

dutch apple cheesecake

Doesn’t exactly look appealing, but I was too busy getting ready to devour it to have a proper photoshoot.

I was so excited for Saturday. Temperatures were forecasted in the high 50s/early 60s, so we both took advantage and ran outside. GLORIOUS! I took a quick trip to a local trail and completed my long run. The paths were okay, but I’m looking forward to when everything is clear. I wasn’t familiar with the trail and ended up doing a loop for for a mile or so. Not ideal, but I was happy just to be outside! Final total was 7.25 miles – 6 miles run, .25 miles walked uphill, 1 mile cool down run. Woo hoo!

This run helped boost my confidence in half-marathon training. The backs of my legs/upper glute area has been extremely tight and I was worried it was tendinitis (webMD diagnosing at its finest, ladies and gents). I’ve been taking extra time to thoroughly stretch after each workout and that small change has worked wonders. This run also helped me manage my own expectations. I obviously have a few goals in mind, but also want them to be realistic. In completing these miles, I had time to think – coming to terms with the fact that even finishing will be an accomplishment, regardless of time.


An 'oops' photo. Wish my finger wasn't in the way. I'm looking pretty good here!

An ‘oops’ photo. Wish my finger wasn’t in the way. I’m looking pretty good here!

Sunday morning came too quickly and we were up and out the door by 8a. The JA was taking a trip and wanted to get a workout in prior to leaving. We hit the school’s fitness center and knocked some sense into our legs. Although we’re usually on separate machines with headphones in our ears, I’m coming to enjoy having this ‘together’ time. He likened  us to the Underwoods – only we’re a lot less calculating and manipulative.

hand holding

After seeing him off, I moseyed over to my parents house. I relaxed by watching Pitch Perfect with Mom (she hadn’t seen it, and that needed to be remedied immediately) then completed my prescribed cross-training goal for the day. Daddy Janks and I took advantage of the warmer than normal temperatures to take a walk through their neighborhood. It’s something that we used to do all the time, but rarely happens anymore.

Returning home after dinner, Watson and I were so pooped that we hit the hay early. Didn’t make the 5:15a alarm any easier, but the spring forward means that more light, warmer temperatures and spring are right around the corner!

tired W

Early riser or sleep in? I’m normally up early during the week but love the luxury of sleeping in on the weekends.

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!


6 thoughts on “Warm It Up

  1. I’m a night owl/sleeper in . I wish I could become a morning person. Sounds like a great weekend! I’d love to get out for a trail run one of these weekends!

  2. oh cheesecake factory; Canada lacks so many good things sometimes.
    I’m definitely a morning person, but daylight savings totally kicked my butt today; I forgot the trade off for more daylight in the the evening was pitch black in the mornings.

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