Take Time

The past few weeks, I’ve felt as if I were underwater. Emails stacking up, unread. To-do lists growing by the minute. Dust and dog hair taking over surfaces in my home.

Instead of letting it get to me, I took some of my own advice. I took a deep breath, and stopped stressing. I took some ‘me’ time.  Not training time. Not blog time. Not puppy time. Well, okay, maybe just a little puppy time.

pup on porch

I sat out on our back porch and appreciated the humidity that happens before a big storm.

I went out with a friend for a beverage or two.

I came home and made pizza at 9p.

I read. Not for work, not blogs. An honest to goodness BOOK. (To keep track of what I’m pretending to read reading, be my friend on Goodreads!)

I passed out at 11p.

I didn’t document my evening as I normally do.

It helped. I woke up this morning feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to go. Taking time just for me needs to be a priority and sometimes I forget that.

How do you make yourself a priority? What would you do if you had a whole evening to yourself? With the JA in grad class, I’m frequently left to my own devices a few weekends each month. Friday Bride day, anyone?


One thought on “Take Time

  1. When I have evenings to myself, weather permitting I love being outside, reading a good book with a glass of wine and just relaxing!! Cute pooch!!

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