Friday Five: Writer’s Block Edition

Yesterday afternoon, the JA returned from a five-day trip. To say we were both excited to see him would be an understatement! We marked the occasion by staying up late and finish season two of House of Cards.

Add setting a priority and spending time with my family with lack of sleep and you get a serious case of writer’s block. When this happens, I try to do a few things with the hope that inspiration strikes.

It didn’t exactly work out the way I wanted it to, and so I present:

Five Things I Did This Morning Instead of Writing This Post

Cleaned my bathroom sink.
I hit the tipping point this morning regarding the state of the sink. It would have bothered me all day if I didn’t clean it at that very moment. Anyone else have moments like this?

bathroom sink

Had a mini dance party.
I’m convinced teen crooners are the best for this sort of occasion.

hunter hayes

Putzed around on Facebook.
I’m participating in the SITS Spring Fling. While it’s a great opportunity to meet new bloggers, the posting can get a bit overwhelming. I like to set aside a few minutes to sift through so I don’t miss anything!


Played with the pup.
You didn’t think you would go into the weekend without a Watson picture, did you?

sad pup

Caught up on blog posts from some of my local ladies.
I read posts from Kait and Kerry today & it was a nice way to ease into Friday 🙂

From back left: Kerry, me (obv), Megan, Dani, Kait Front left: Brittany, Kate, Caitlyn, Lauren

From back left: Kerry, me (obv), Megan, Dani, Kait
Front left: Brittany, Kate, Caitlyn, Lauren

Still working on a few bigger posts for the future, so have a great weekend & I’ll see y’all soon 🙂


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