Running Around

Busy. That’s one word to describe my weekend. We had a fundraiser Friday night, a St. Patrick’s Day party and a birthday party on Saturday, and a race and a dinner on Sunday. Not to mention a crew of men in our front yard for most of the day Saturday.


But, as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Friday night, we attended a fundraiser for Team Fox at The Ale House in Columbia. The event was a hit, and the staff couldn’t have been more accommodating to the group. When the designated area got tight, they opened up a second bar in the back so we weren’t packed in like sardines.

Saturday was a bit of a bust – we were tired from the night before, but had to be up early to welcome the company that replaced a pipe in our front yard. I was stressed out by the whole thing and quickly escaped for some retail therapy. Good thing, because I found some cute summer dresses! Now if only the weather would cooperate and the rental company would get this monstrosity out from the front of our house…

No, neighbors, we did not acquire a third vehicle.

No, neighbors, we did not acquire a third vehicle.

Once the coast was clear, we gussied ourselves up and hit the town for two events. I love being able to catch up with friends but we ended feeling really old and returning home around 11p. I had a race the next day!

I knew the Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5K was going to be massive, but to watch the sea of green from the top of a hill was awe-inspiring. I was feeling good going into this race but didn’t want to get over confident. My watch didn’t sync correctly and I forgot to turn off the stop watch on my phone immediately after crossing the finish line so I was under the impression that I didn’t PR. I was a bit disappointed, but realized that I was a full minute faster than the last 5K I ran. That’s a victory in itself. (And obviously deserved a beer.)

Later last night, I checked the results online and (spoiler alert) I actually PR’d with a time of 27:17:10. A pace of 8:48/mile! Full recap will be posted later but, as you can imagine, it was a great race for me.

The JA’s best man came to town last night for a conference, so we picked him up from the train station and had a lovely dinner date. And by lovely, I mean watching people make fools of themselves after a weekend of drinking. Wahoo!

waterfront hotel

How do you celebrate? Our celebrations normally include food and some sort of adult beverage. Calories don’t count when consumed in happiness, right?

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!


3 thoughts on “Running Around

  1. Sounds like a busy weekend for sure. We enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend by walking around the zoo, and yesterday I also ran Shamrock. I couldn’t get over how many people. I ran the whole time which was amazing since I have been having calf pain. Pretty solid race, even though I didn’t start my watch until half way into the first mile. Congrats on your PR!

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