Springing Into Spring

Even though there is snow in the forecast for next Tuesday (which I am vehemently ignoring in hopes that it will go away), the temperature here in Baltimore is on the upswing. Yesterday after work I drove around with the windows down, music up, sunroof open, and only a light sweater over my shoulders. It was glorious – especially for Watson. (Due to his heart worm, he won’t be able to run around outside much this summer. :()


Five Things I’m Looking Forward to this Spring

1. Lightweight dresses. Man, oh, man. I miss just being able to pull on a dress and shoes and just go. No tights, no sweaters, no boots. (Ok, maybe boots from time to time.)

JAs K wedding

2. Outdoor dining. Our porch looks much better filled with people than filled with snow.

3. Walks in the park. Since we moved in July, we really didn’t have time to adequately explore our neighborhood and all the things it has to offer. We had a favorite park when living in our townhouse and I’m super excited to find another favorite in our new area.

JA park

4. Concerts. While the JA and I are sticking to a pretty strict budget, there are some free outdoor concert series that Baltimore has to offer (First Thursdays and Frederick Road Fridays, to name a few). I’m planning on making a concerted effort to not be lame and attend a few 🙂

5. Outdoor runs. You didn’t think you could get out of this post without a mention of running, did you? I completed an outdoor run yesterday evening and it was so nice to be out on the streets again. I didn’t stretch enough prior and felt a bit iffy at the end, but overall, I’m highly looking forward to returning to my morning outdoor run routine. (Oh, and because I’m such a proud wife – the JA signed up for his first spring 5K yesterday. He’s been doing awesome about getting to the gym [at 4:30a – oof!] and ran outside twice last week to start prepping for this race. I can’t wait to stand by the finish line and support him the way he’s always there to support me :))


What are you most looking forward to this spring?


4 thoughts on “Springing Into Spring

  1. Besides outdoor runs, I’m looking forward to eating outside, flipflops and sandals, sundresses, and iced coffees! I got a pedicure yesterday and hate covering up my toes haha!

  2. You pretty much covered all of my favorite things about the warmer weather around here – just reading the description of it all made me smile! Here’s to hoping that snow nonsense they’re talking about is just a proverbial blip on the radar…

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