Short But Sweet

Hey, All! First off, a hearty welcome to those stopping by from my guest post on The Small But Mighty Runner. I hope you get comfortable & stay awhile 🙂

Sorry in advance for the short post. Last night, the JA and I had a riveting necessary appointment to get our taxes done.


14 days – nothing like waiting until almost the last minute. We ended up eating dinner at 9p and crashing soon thereafter.

I got up and completed my 5 mile training run this morning only to come home & say goodbye to Watson. He’s going in for his second heart worm shot today (with a third tomorrow), so I prioritized him over you all. With this face, can you blame me?


Got some great ideas for tomorrow’s post, so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Short But Sweet

  1. We just dropped our tax stuff off too. I have NO idea why we wait, we’ve received a refund the past few years. Sometimes you just need that deadline to motivate you to action.

  2. i finished my taxes online, only to find out that i’m not eligible for electronic submission because i haven’t lived in illinois long enough. so, my taxes have been sitting in an envelope for weeks now; talk about lazy!

    also, watson is adorable!

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