Productivity, Porch Sittin’, and Another PR

This weekend was gorgeous. Finally, it’s feeling like spring! My hope is that it remains spring-like for another month or so before the humidity kicks in and Baltimore goes from breezy & cool to hot & sticky.

We took full advantage of the weather by racing, relaxing on the porch and sprucing up our yard. Friday started with some “just because” flowers, and ended with seafood pasta and we had a candlelit dinner on the deck. Both the food and the dining conditions were divine. I forgot how nice it is to eat outdoors!

just because flowers

candelit dinner

Saturday morning, we were up fairly early for the Sole of the City 10K. Put on by Charm City Run, the race winds through the streets of Baltimore. This year, the race benefitted the Erika Brannock Fund, a local woman injured at the Boston Marathon last year. Again, the day was perfect – starting a little chilly and warming up throughout the morning. As the JA and I entered the race area, we saw our friend Renee, whose mission was to take some photos along the race course. She succeeded, capturing these gems.

sole city 2014 1

sole city 2014 2

I felt really good during the race. At packet pickup, I purchased a plantar fasciitis sleeve for my foot and liked how it gave my arch the support it needed. The course itself was nice, but challenging. I taught barre on Thursday night and my quads were tight as a result. I did a ton of stretching prior to the race, but was still a little uneasy. The last thing I wanted was to come out of this race in worse shape than I went in. I ran the race without headphones and me legs were not happy that last portion seemed on a constant incline.

However, they could have been unhappy that I was testing them so. I know I said I wanted to take things easy, but I knew I could beat my previous time (58.52). I’m happy to report that I blew it out of the water – 58.11.9! My foot did start to twinge a bit post-race, but once I got out of my shoes and into flip flops, it was much happier. I haven’t had any additional problems since, so fingers crossed it holds up for 13.1 in a few weeks!

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing some spring cleaning and doing more porch sitting. We invited our neighbors over for cocktails and spent another day outdoors. Sunday I had to work an event and left the JA to tackle our backyard. The winter was brutal on our grass and we’re currently looking to remedy that situation. We’ve now got a patchwork puppy and a patchwork backyard! Let’s hope it fills in soon!

so.much. seed.

so.much. seed.

How was your weekend? Spend any time outdoors?

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!


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